(The following prose is from the 1918 Liberty Reader.  It was courtesy of the New York Times.)


In my country and her destiny,

In the great dream of her founders,

In her place among the nations,

In her ideals.

I believe

That her democracy must be protected,

Her privileges cherished,

Her freedom defended.

I believe

That, humbly before the almighty,

But proudly before all mankind,

We must safeguard her standard,

The vision of her Washington,

The martyrdom of her Lincoln,

With the patriotic ardor

Of the minutemen

And the boys in blue

Of her glorious past.

I believe

In loyalty to my country,

Firm, unchanging, absolute.

Thou in whose sight

A thousand years are but as yesterday

And as a watch in the night,

Help me

In my weakness

To make real

What I believe.

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